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How to Convert Leads Into Paid Customer WITHOUT any Sales Funnels

About Rounak Roy

“Since 2016 when I started my online business as a college kid, I had no idea how to run an online business.
I used to watch youtube tutorials to learn for free and I first started affiliate marketing. I tried doing affiliate marketing using blogging
& review videos & review articles but I didn’t get any sales with that. then I tried different methods to get sales quickly using social media.
and soon I found a unique & simplest way to get paid customers using Facebook.

Since then I have used Facebook to get more than 100
affiliate sales & made more than $1000 per month. and soon after that, I started using the same method to get customers for my coaching &
services. and again it worked like crazy. I was consistently hitting 6-figure revenue using Facebook without any paid ads.

and then I decided to name the system TheSaleZ and started teaching this exact system to other beginners who needed help. because when I
first started no one helped me. since then I have been featured in 8 international magazines including Fox news, IMDb, CBS news & NBC news.
And I have used that exact model to get more than 300 clients for my services paying more than 20k each.”

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